Project Description

Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center

The Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center is located in the city of Ra’anana, about 20 kilometres north of Tel-Aviv. Loewenstein is part of the “Clalit Health Services”, the largest of the four government contracted healthcare providers in Israel. The Loewenstein Rehabilitation center carries out rehabilitation measures for particularly severe cases and is a well known and recognised rehabilitation clinic, that provides their services to patients from all over Israel. Among the employees, patients and family members valuable and special bonds are usually created. The patients and employees of the center represent the diversity in cultures, believes and ethnic backgrounds of the Israeli society. The rehabilitation at the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center consists of different treatment approaches. The professional staff supports and encourages the patients on their challenging path of recovery. Every team is lead by a doctor and made up of various people from nursing and medical care professions.



As a volunteer you are an important link in supporting employees with their daily work.

Support and accompaniment of patients to various treatments in departments such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy or intensive care for children.

  • Accompanying and keeping patients company (conversations, etc.)
  • Build relationships with patients
  • As part of assisting child intensive care, some male volunteers assist in moving patients from beds to wheelchairs (partly with a transport device)
  • Supervision and assistance of physiotherapists in swimming pools and fitness rooms
  • Male and Female volunteers support transports (accompanying patients to treatments in departments) to various departments as unskilled workers

As a volunteer, you make an important contribution to the friendly atmosphere in the center and help to raise the motivation and mood of the patients.



In order to work at the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Center, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Age: You have to be at least 18 years old at the beginning of you service, the maximum age is 26
  • Sex: The work is open to men and women, as long as you are physically fit.
  • Working at the rehabilitation clinic requires you to have a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility and ingenuity. During the work you will be confronted with challenges and hard fates. As a volunteer, you must therefore have the mental and social skills to be able to deal with such situations and remain optimistic.
  • You have to be willing to work in a mentally and pedagogically challenging environment
  • Interest in physiotherapy is a plus
  • Good communication skills for working in teams are essential.
  • Language: good English is mandatory, in order to communicate in everyday life and with your work colleagues. You do not have to be able to speak Hebrew when you arrive, but you have to be willing to learn the language in order to better cater to patients.
  • Your profile: physically strong enough, matureness, a sense of responsibility, tolerant, team-oriented, flexible, motivated, open minded, dynamic, independent, sensitive and patient.

The work in the rehabilitation center can be quite mentally challenging, that is precisely why I think it is most beautiful to see progress in patients who used to be in extremely bad shape. For instance, the moment when a patient says the first word in weeks.

— Johannes —